Ready for a Sea Change?


I’m excited to be announcing something really cool…about women who have been through a lot including health scares, big life changes and have realised the value of self care and are ready to make a change.

As you know, I’m Leighanne and I run the show here at Coastal Soul Wellness…

…but what you might not know is I’m also a mum and a huge advocate for health and a warrior for wellness! 😊

Because, after having my own health scare, it hit me hard – the realisation that I had been putting myself last and putting myself on hold for way too long…just numbing with Netflix and wine, so that I didn’t have to think about it all…

And what I see all the time is women who have had a major health scare or life changing event that has really given them a shake up…and their health has taken a serious hit…

…things like burnout that sets in, high stress levels, illnesses appearing and then begins the chronic pain and other mobility issues…

Sound familiar?

So now that you know how important your health is – and that it’s time to put yourself first – what I have created is the ultimate Self Care Program to ensure you can get the long lasting results you are looking for, maximise your treatments with us and really give yourself the LOVE and care you deserve…

The program is called The Sea Change Method – the ultimate Self Care program.

What you get is…

  • A monthly gift of self care stretching exercises, tips and advice delivered directly to your inbox, so you don’t have to leave home to start feeling great!
  • Stretching videos to follow so you can maximise your treatment and have longer lasting results.
  • Access to special VIP exclusive offers on Remedial Massage.
  • A guide to bringing self care into your daily routine – with all my best tips that I’ve gained in my life to keep you relaxed, peaceful and energized.

Access to an exclusive FB Group with a monthly LIVE FB call where you can ask me anything and get the support you need from us and other woman just like you!

If you like the sound of this, then you can easily join the subscription now here for as little as $30 a month.  Our launch date is the 1 February 2020 and you don’t want to miss it if you are determined to make 2020 the best year yet!

Join Here and be ready for February 1, 2020 launch. 

To your vibrant health,
Leighanne x