What is the  Art of Wellness Self Care Discovery Program….watch the video below….


Are you ready to put you first?

I’m so excited that you are here given the world is in a state of change……this is something that could really help you right now…..the timing has never been better….…this program is designed to help women who are struggling with self care and wanting to dabble in some fun and meaningful ways to help themselves…….  you’ve been through alot already such as health scares, big life changes and have realized the value of self care and are ready to make a change.

As you know, I’m Leighanne and I run the show here at Coastal Soul Wellness…but what you might not know is I’m also a mum and a huge advocate for health and a warrior for wellness! 😊

Because, after having my own health scare, it hit me hard – the realisation that I had been putting myself last and putting myself on hold for way too long…just numbing with Netflix and wine, so that I didn’t have to think about it all…and what I see all the time is women who have had a major health scare or life changing event that has really given them a shake up…and their health has taken a serious hit…

…things like burnout that sets in, high stress levels, illnesses appearing and then begins the chronic pain and other issues…

Sounds familiar?

So now that you know how important your health is – and that it’s time to put yourself first – what I have created is the ultimate Self Care Discovery Program  “The Art of Wellness”  to ensure you can get the long lasting results you are looking for, make transformative change and really give yourself the LOVE and care you deserve…..

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Program Outline

  • Week 1: Reconnect with Self Care: What is Self care ? Why it is so important?
  • Week 2: Reconnect with You: Spiritual Clarity with Susan Deller, Spiritual Coach
  • Week 3: Reconnect with Spirit: Introduction to Tarot with Astrology and Crystals for Empowerment and Self Care
  • Week 4: Reconnect with Being: Mindfulness and Meditation for Self Care
  • Week 5: Reconnect with Goodness: Getting the Basics right and filling your cup
  • Week 6: Reconnect with your Essence: Introduction to Essential Oils for Self Care
  • Week 7: Reconnect with Soul: Self Love, Self Worth, Love and Relationships, Manifesting your Dreams
  • Week 8: Reconnect with Nature: Bringing more nature into your life through Self Care


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