In self isolation, many of us may struggle to come to terms with the whole idea but I have found my gratitude for each of these moments has just increased to beyond anything I’ve experienced before.  We know the world is going through an interesting time right now but I am determined to make the most of this god given rest I had never planned and could only dream of which was so divinely timed. 

You see, we never have all the answers, and we don’t know what will happen but we do know how to be thankful and be in the now.  And if you don’t know what to do then I urge you to use this time to build the muscle for the now, being thankful for the now.  And when the world starts up again, and we get disconnected and busy and all that shit……

The Stillness

……….I hope you can remember the stillness, the family life, the puttering, 
the prayers for the sick and those who have passed, the beautiful moments of online connection and the bravery of healthcare workers risking their lives and know that you learnt something now that changed your life forever for the better.  

If you don’t know what to do, and struggle to be in the now, here are some suggestions to put your mind to:

  • make lists of the holidays you are going to take that you won’t put off again
  • think of the people you’re going to hug when you can do so and the social fun you’ll have
  • think of the time when you go back to work and the clients you’ve missed you can now serve again so

    Coastal Soul Wellness | Repot some plants | Self Care Activities

    joyfully and gratefully
  • revisit the things you are going to do to put right that you should have done years ago and  make amends or let that stuff go and forgive yourself
  • rejoice in the opportunities you are going to take because you are no longer scared and you want to push harder that ever before to reach your potential
  • share your unique gifts and talents
  • dream of the love you are going to have that you’ve deserved all along
  • think of how generous you will be and how petty things don’t really matter any more
  • and so on…….whatever is meaningful to you….manifest it….dream it!

Because right now, you’re job if you choose it is to live your life fully and with purpose, to reach your potential with gratitude and passion and remember how blessed you truly are.  Use the time to consciously live your best life you possibly can.

Encourage the dreaming!

Some of the activities you may like to ponder which are great for dreaming are:

Coastal Soul Wellness | Moodboard Exercise | Self Care

  • Get out your old magazines and make a mood board…..put pictures of things that inspire you, that you’ve dreamed of and put it in a place where you can dream about it over and over……
  • Find old postcards and gift cards of beautiful pictures and holidays that you love and stick then around your home in places where you will stumble across them such as inside cupboard doors which will bring a smile….
  • Read all the books you’ve been holding onto… old favourites again, read ones which were given to you, read with your kids, read alone….
  • Repot your old pot plants with new potting mix and freshen them up, the activity will do you good…

One day perhaps when you get too busy again, and put yourself last again and find yourself making excuses again, these activities will remind you of this time, how you felt and what a comfort it really was…. when you learnt to slow down again, when you tended to yourself again (without guilt) and how it taught you to keep dreaming your dreams. You’ll remember that this was the pause we needed before we can all begin again.

Lots of love,

Leighanne x

Coastal Soul Wellness | Leighanne Crocker | Founder and Remedial Massage Therapist, Wellness Warrior


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